Homestead Homes


Is a home in Homestead right for you?  The Rocky Mountain Home team serves neighborhoods throughout the Vail Valley, each with its own unique reasons for consideration when buying a home.  In this article, we’ll take a look at just one of those neighborhoods – Homestead, in Edwards, CO. Access to the Homestead Court Club, abundant open space and proximity to downtown make Homestead a neighborhood to consider if you are looking for a mix of outdoor, downtown and community activities.

The Homestead Court Club is the center of the Homestead community. The aptly-named Court Club features six outdoor and two indoor tennis courts, as well as a handball / racquetball court and an international size squash court.  A swimming pool, whirlpool and steam room, as well as a wide variety of fitness amenities and studios, add to the club’s offerings. The Court Club also provides children’s programing including swim and tennis clinics, fitness classes, adventure camps and more.  Court Club membership is a privilege reserved for Homestead property owners.

Beyond the Court Club, Homestead includes over 400 acres of open space, providing multiple foot trails, dog parks and play areas nestled in the great scenery you expect from Vail Valley, CO, living. the neighborhood  is also conveniently located a short distance from downtown Edwards, CO, home to the Village Market grocery store, the Riverwalk Movie Theater and a variety of local shops and restaurants.

Making your home in Homestead means you’re just a short drive from world-class skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek resorts, a wide selection of top-notch golf courses and prime fishing, hiking and outdoor adventure locations.  The Vail Valley draws visitors from across the US and beyond. A home in the Homestead neighborhood is a great opportunity to experience the valley’s appeal not simply as a guest, but as a resident.

To learn more about Homestead, visit the Homestead Owners Association website.  Are you ready to begin your search for a new home? Let the Rocky Mountain Home Team help you find your new home in Homestead!


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