Inverted Floor Plans in Wildridge Homes

Inverted Floor Plan Living Room

If you are looking for a home in Wildridge, it may help to ask the question “Where would I like my kitchen?”

Several Wildridge homes are built with “upside down” or “inverted” floor plans. In a home with an inverted floor plan, the living room and kitchen are on the top level, with the bedrooms below.

The obvious benefit to an inverted floor plan home is a superior, top-level view for those rooms in which home owners will be spending most of their time. Frequently combined with a balcony or elevated deck, an inverted floor plan can be a great platform to maximize the amazing mountain views available to Wildridge home owners.

Opinions on inverted floor plans vary.  Some potential home buyers have logistical concerns, such as the need to carry groceries up a flight of stairs to the kitchen.  Others insist that, since mountain views are one of the major advantages of Wildridge Real Estate, only an upside down home will do.

Inverted floor plans can be found in Wildridge condos and townhomes as well as single family homes and duplexes.  In fact, upside down homes are so common in Wildridge that standard listing write ups (including Vail Daily newspaper ads, Trulia or Zillow Listings and so on) often do not distinguish them from their “right-side up” counterparts.

If you are specifically looking for – or looking to avoid – an inverted floor plan home in Wildridge, a quick question to your Realtor can save you the time it would otherwise take to pay the home a visit. Of course, if you’re looking for a Realtor to help you find your Wildridge home, the Rocky Mountain Home Team’s Rebekah Gehman would be happy to help you.

Are you ready to begin your search for a new home? Let the Rocky Mountain Home Team  help you find your new home in Wildridge!


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