Vail Valley Real Estate News for Feb 28, 2014

The Rocky Mountain Home Team’s weekly look at what’s new in the Vail Valley, Real Estate and more:

A week after the Vail Board of Realtors revealed the strong numbers for January 2014, the Vail Daily asks “Could 2014 be a Good Year for Vail Real Estate?”  Signs point to yes.

Also from the Vail Daily comes William A. Desportes of Central Rockies Mortgage Corp’s “Mortgage Matters” column.  This week, Desportes reminds us that Mortgage Rules Often Change.  Lenders and those seeking loans should keep that in mind.

Numbers courtesy of Land Title Guarantee Company

Numbers courtesy of Land Title Guarantee Company

30.12% of Eagle County real estate buyers were from out of state, and 1.36% were international, according to Land Title Guarantee Company’s 4th quarter 2013 market report for Colorado Mountain Resorts.

One of the many announcements at Keller Williams Family Reunion 2014 in Phoenix, AZ, was the company’s expansion into Dubai:

Almost two weeks later, the National Association of Realtors Global View blog did a write up on Dubai, calling it “a booming and modern metropolis that is quickly becoming a hub for global capital, especially real estate.”  Why is it that those folks at Keller Williams always seem to know exactly what they’re doing?

“(The National Association of Realtors is) extremely disappointed with several of the provisions contained in U.S. House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp’s tax reform draft … namely proposed limits on the mortgage interest deduction and capital gains, and the repeal of deductions for state and local property taxes.”

Planning on moving into our out of the Vail Valley? Inman news reminds us that, just like everything else, real estate terminology has regional variations. What you’ll find in a home’s “gym” or “spa” varies from coast to coast!

Another item of interest from Inman is this article on using drones to shoot video. Don’t be too surprised to see footage like that of our valley in the not-so-distant future.

Vail Valley Events and Recreation

Tomorrow, the Vail Library’s community room unveils “Animals of the World,” an exhibition of animals from around the world by photographer Roxanne Granzow.  The exhibition will run March 1st through the 15, and includes a March 5 talk to discuss ways everyone can help the animals.

On Sunday, Bol in Vail will host a “Brunch and Bowl” to benefit Children’s Global Alliance. The pins start flying at 11 a.m.

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