Buying a Vail Valley Home, Part 2: Searching for Your New Home

vail valley homes

This is the second part of our series on buying a new home in the Vail Valley. In our last installment, we discussed the advantages of working with the Rocky Mountain Home Team. This week, we’ll take a brief look at what will happen as you begin the search for your new home.

First, we’ll hold an initial consultation either via e-mail, phone, or a face-to-face interview.  During the consultation, let us know your wants, needs, price range, and desired location.

Next, we’ll run that information you through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database. From the many listings in its inventory, the database will generate a list of homes tailored just for you. Finally, we will make arrangements to show you the homes that best fit your criteria.

Of course, as members of the MLS, we can show you any property, not just those on the list. If you should see an ad in the newspaper or a sign in a yard for a property that interests you, let us know.  We’ll find out more about it and, if you would like, arrange a showing.

As you walk through the homes, feel free to open cabinets and closets. Most often, the sellers will be absent, but should they be present, they will understand your need to examine the home carefully. When a home appeals to you, take notes. It is easy to forget details.  If the home was in the MLS database, we will provide you information as well as convenient note sheets.  Often there will be additional information at the home, such as property flyers.

Don’t be surprised if the first home you see is the perfect one for you, and don’t be discouraged if none of those you visit the first day are what you want. Usually, we will be able to find the perfect home rather quickly from a selection of three to five homes that best fit the desires you expressed.

Sometimes, though, finding the right home can take a little more time.  Fortunately, the Rocky Mountain Home Team has the skills, resources and dedication to proactively continue the search until we have found what you’re looking for. We are committed to finding the house that you will call home, and we will work diligently until you find it.

Once we have found the Vail Valley home you’re looking for, we’ll make an offer and, once accepted, start working towards a successful closing. We will talk more about making an offer and closing in future articles. In our next installment, we’ll discuss the importance of mortgage preapproval.


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