Vail Valley Real Estate News for Friday, June 13, 2014

Sign for Night Star Residences

The Rocky Mountain Home Team successfully closed on our 410 Nottingham Road, unit D listing on Friday. Congratulations to the new owners!

The importance of international buyers in Vail Valley real estate, new numbers from Land Title and the Vail Board of Realtors, and where Liberals and Conservatives like to live. This is an archived edition of our weekly news brief.  Visit our Vail Valley Real Estate News page for the latest updates.

Friday, June 13, 2014

International buyers are on the rise, according to the latest numbers from Land Title Guarantee Company.  In the first four months of 2014, international buyers accounted for four percent of real estate sales in the Vail Valley.  To put it another way, one out of every 25 property sales in Eagle County is to a buyer from outside of the United States.  That’s an increase of three percent over 2013, and experts expect those numbers to hold steady or even increase.

“Word is spreading fast about the advantage of investing in Western Real Estate,” said a Keller Williams report on international buyers, Buyers without Borders. “As the flow of global capital into US markets increases, so does the number of foreign buyers who also want a piece of this re-emerging opportunity.”

It’s a great time to have an agent with international marketing reach – a Keller Williams Global Property Specialist – if you are thinking of selling your home, especially in the luxury market.

The Vail Board of Realtors also released its monthly indicators report for May this week, noting a 12.5 percent increase in new listings for single family and duplex properties and a 24.7 percent rise for condos and townhomes. While sale prices for all listings are rising, many buyers remain more concerned with interest rates, which despite modest increases continue to hover near historic lows. Low interest rates and fair prices continue to maintain a balanced market for sellers and buyers alike.

National News

H.R.8356 is apparently still held up in the Ways & Means committee. It has been there since January.

“Liberals say they would rather live in cities, and conservatives prefer rural areas and small towns. And both groups vote with their feet — liberals concentrate in urban areas while conservatives are more likely to live in rural areas. No group expressed a clear preference for living in the suburbs.What each group considered important in a community also varied by political ideology.”

This Week in the Vail Valley

The Farmer’s Markets are back! The Edwards and Minturn markets will open weekly on Saturday’s starting tomorrow. The Vail Farmer’s Market will be open weekly on Sunday’s, starting on the 15th.  From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to gourmet dog food, hand-made arts & crafts and ready-to-eat lunch options, you’ll find it at the local Farmer’s market.



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