Autumn Maintenance Tips for Vail Valley Homes

Vail Valley Home Autumn Maintenence

Like your ski equipment, your Vail Valley home will perform better in the winter after a decent tune-up in the fall.  After all, Spring Cleaning is a well-known and well-understood idea, but Fall Maintenance may be even more important.  Here’s an autumn reading list from around the web to help guide you through the basics:

Check for Drafty Doors and Windows: An average home loses up to 30 percent of its heating and cooling energy through air leaks, according to   The drop in humidity of a typical Vail Valley autumn, plus the wear and tear of regular use, can cause your window seals to crack and shrink.  Houselogic has some common problems and suggested fixes.

Give Your Lawn Some Loving:  A fantastic Landscaping Logic column in the Vail Daily reminds us of the importance of taking care of the lawn before the snow starts falling.  “It’s kept our environment cooler and more enjoyable throughout the summer. Now that fall is here, we need to pay our lawns back with late-season TLC.”

Critter-Proof your Attic: This Old House Magazine explains the importance of keeping an eye on the attic.   “Each autumn, when the air turns brisk and the leaves begin to drop, it seems every beast in the wild kingdom wants to crash your pad. Squirrels bed down in the eaves. Mice storm the garage and shimmy up pipes to your bedroom walls. Beady-eyed rats tunnel their way into the basement like felons pulling a heist.”  See also How to Animal-Proof a Porch.

Check Your Smoke Detectors:  Fire Prevention Week a week-long commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire, is held every October – and it’s also a great reminder to test the smoke alarms in your home.  (You should be doing this monthly, and there’s no time like Fire Prevention week to start!)  The National Fire Protection Association has plenty of information on installing, testing and maintaining your smoke detectors.

Multiple Maintenance Tips:  This run-down from the DIY Network is a comprehensive list of items to consider when you’re in Full-On “Fall Maintenance Mode.”  From cleaning your fireplace to draining your hoses, you’ll find a handy list to make your preparations as complete as possible.

Good luck with your Fall Maintenance, and enjoy the golden glow of the Vail Valley in Autumn!

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