Vail Valley Real Estate News for Friday, Oct 3

This week's lesson: Why we like to track both the Average and the Median.

This week’s lesson: Why we like to track both the Average and the Median.

September’s big numbers, the Fox chases and the importance of tracking both averages and medians.  This is an archived edition of our weekly news brief.  Visit our Vail Valley Real Estate News page for the latest updates from the Rocky Mountain Home Team!

Oct 3, 2014

The numbers are in for September, and like the Aspens this time of year, the Vail Valley Real Estate market is golden!

September was a month for big numbers.  Big sales on slopeside properties in Arrowhead, Beaver Creek, Bachelors Gulch, Lionshead and Vail Village not only boosted average prices for that market, but also provided a noticeable boost to the entire Avon – East region. Meanwhile, in the Eagle-West market, a single home selling after 1463 days on market pulled up the regional average by over 50 days!

In an earlier edition of Vail Valley Real Estate News, we demonstrated the importance of using more than one graph to get a more complete picture of the market as a whole.  September’s big numbers make it a great time to remember the difference between averages and medians. The big numbers have had a much more noticeable impact on the former than the latter.

Visit our Market Report Center for more on the Vail Valley Real Estate Market!

National News

According to the Real Estate Staging Institute – who we can assume both have some authority on the topic and perhaps a bit of bais – a staged home sells 70 percent faster than a non-staged home.  Our own experience bears this out, as proper attention to staging creates a favorable impression and “wow factor” that brings buyers to the table.  Keeping that in mind, if you’re going to do it – do it right. Here are some Staging Mistakes to avoid.

“As both a REALTOR® and an Arkansan, I am saddened by this morning’s news of Beverly Carter’s untimely death. My heart goes out to her family, her friends, her co-workers, and everyone whose life Beverly touched in her 49 years with us.”

“Move has not had leadership quite this smart and savvy since the notorious Stuart Wolff, now a convicted white-collar criminal, founded the enterprise almost 20 years ago.”

What to do in the Vail Valley

The Underground Sound concert series begins this Sunday at Beaver Creek’s Vilar center with a world premiere performance by Cirque Mechanics “Pedal Punk.”  Other acts lined up for the series, which runs every Sunday from Oct. 5 to Nov. 9, include The Hot Sardines, Honeyhoney, Suzanne Vega and more!

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