Selling Your Vail Valley Home in Winter

The commonly accepted wisdom in Vail Valley Real Estate is that summer is the selling season. That said, there are some real advantages to listing your home during the holidays and Winter season.  If you are thinking of selling a home in the Vail Valley, here are some reasons you may not want to wait for summer:

Winter is a Big Draw in the Vail Valley: We’ll start with the obvious. Visitors flock to the Vail Valley every ski season, and every year a percentage of those visitors decide to either buy a vacation home or live here full time. Seeing your Vail Valley home on the market while they’re on vacation might sway that decision for the right buyers.

Less Activity Can Be Good for Sellers: A drop in home sales isn’t automatically tied to a weaker market for sellers. Since there tend to be fewer homes on the market over the winter, there also tend to be fewer sales – but that doesn’t mean no one is looking for homes. Winter Buyers generally have strong reasons to be buying a home over the winter, and usually don’t have as many homes available. This can be a good thing for sellers, because it means…

Transaction Volume falls, but Prices Do Not: Below is a graph of price per square foot each month for three years. Can you tell which months are winter months?


O.K. – here is the full graph:


As you can see, while prices rise and fall, there is no discernible seasonal pattern. Selling your home over the winter does not automatically mean you are going to get less money for it.

Carrying Costs Add Up: What might be losing you money are a whole winter’s worth of utility bills, association fees and maintenance costs for a home you already plan to sell.  Especially if you’re not planning to live in until the day it sells, it usually makes good financial sense to get that home sold promptly once you’ve made the decision.

Thinking of selling your home in the Vail Valley? Michael Routh’s Rocky Mountain Home Team has the experience and expertise you’ll need to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time. Contact us today at 970-306-7711 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to determine your home’s value in today’s market.


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