Vail Valley Home Inspections

So you’ve made an offer on a Vail Valley Home, and your offer was accepted. Congratulations, you’re now under contract!  Aside from not messing up your loan application, one of your most important tasks in the weeks ahead will be hiring a home inspector to inspect the property.

What to Expect When You’re Inspecting

A home inspector works on your behalf to provide a visual inspection and make sure you’re buying the home you think you are buying. As any standard inspection agreement will tell you, a home inspection is not a Building Code inspection or a By-Law Compliance inspection. Nor is it an exhaustive review of every possible internal problem the home may have. Your inspector is an expert and a “better set of eyes,” so to speak, not an electrician or a plumber providing a full mechanical report.


Home inspector Ron Amass of True Perspective Home Consultants inputs appliance information to check for recall alerts during a home inspection.

Remember: Hiring an inspector is an extremely good idea – which is why an inspection contingency is built into the standard CO Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate – and strongly recommended. You could waive your inspection contingency – but don’t.

For A Few Dollars More

Most home inspectors offer additional tests, which may or may not be useful depending on the property. A radon test may be desired in any ground-level property, while a mold or air-quality test may help clients with specific allergies. Check with the inspector and your agent to decide what additional tests you might want.

Brace Yourself…

Your home inspector will find problems with your dream home. That is the inspector’s job, after all, and inspectors pride themselves on their eye for detail. Be prepared to see some “red ink.” Remember that not all problems are created equal, and some may be well known to the seller and factored into your purchase price.

When your home inspector provides the written inspection report, work with your agent to decide what items are the most important. During the inspection objection and resolution period, focus on those issues. Be sure to include in your resolution a means of verifying the seller has done the work, such as a paid invoice from a qualified service provider.


Home Inspector Ron Amass sets up a radon test during a home inspection. 

Michael Routh has helped Vail Valley Home Buyers and Sellers for over 10 years. Michael’s Rocky Mountain Home Team is one of Eagle County’s top producing real estate teams. For more information and Michael, and how his team can help you meet your real estate needs, call 970-306-711.


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