Selling Your Vail Valley Home: Agent to Agent Marketing

The internet has changed the way REALTORS do business, but the odds are still very good that the buyer for your property will be procured by a REALTOR. The Rocky Mountain Home Team’s agent-to-agent marketing is designed to promote your property to agents throughout the Vail Valley and beyond. Here are some key elements of our agent-to-agent marketing:

The Vail Board of Realtors MLS: The Vail Board of Realtor’s Multiple Listings Service is among the most important tools in our box. Every licensed REALTOR in the Vail Valley has access and can enter listings. A good MLS listing is clean, clear and focused on a property’s unique selling points. Professional photography is a proven advantage. Once your listing is launched, we revisit it regularly to ensure it remains fresh.

Although we prepare our Vail MLS entries with local agents in mind, it’s also worth noting that the MLS is also a primary source of information for listing syndicators – real estate web sites such as Zillow.  Optimizing your properties for syndication is an important part of our larger marketing strategy.

Denver MLS: Roughly 15 percent of property buyers in the Vail Valley come from the Front Range each year. The Rocky Mountain Home Team will add your listing to the Denver MLS, inviting agents in that important market to promote it to their clients. As Keller Williams affiliates, we will also add your listing to the Keller Williams listing service to promote it to agents across the country and the world

Personalized Notices: In addition to the MLS, we provide personalized notices of each of our listings to the top agents already selling in your area. Many of these agents already have a network of potential local buyers, and we waste no time in letting them know your property may be a perfect fit.

Email Newsletter: In most Real Estate Markets, the vast majority of buyers are local to the property. As you might have guessed, Eagle County is a little different. At least 40 percent of home buyers come from outside the Vail Valley each year. One of the best ways to reach these potential buyers is through their REALTORS, and the best way to reach all those agents at once is through email.

Unfortunately, top-producing REALTORS get a lot of e-mail. Not everything coming in from agents outside their own markets will be read. Trust us. We are speaking from experience.

So we send the type of marketing we would read, and leverage the natural allure of the Vail Valley to give that marketing an advantage. As a result, our newsletters are not just enjoyed, they are actively anticipated.

Our average open rate and click-per-open rates are more than double the real-estate industry average. We know because we pay attention – and adjust our subject lines, layouts, images and even send times to optimize our results.

Broker Tours: A broker tour is a specific type of open house. The general public is welcome, of course, but the goal of a broker tour is to entice local REALTORS to visit your property. A broker tour allows us to discuss your home’s features and selling points in person with the agents most likely to find a buyer.

Of course, the specifics of our agent-to-agent marketing will depend more than anything on the specific details of your unique property. Contact the Rocky Mountain Home Team today to learn how we can sell your home in the least amount of time for the most money.


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